Lauching 1st pre-acceleration program in Mexico

Silicon Valley lands in Guadalajara to accelerate startups.

Balero, CANIETI Occidente, GSV Labs and Ciudad Creativa partner together to help startups accelerate their development by bringing the Silicon Valley to Guadalajara. The iniciative is summarised in a program call Pre-acceleration, and was specially designed for technology-based startups which have an MVP.

To celebrate this lauching an inaguration event was held in Cuartel Creativo, a space created to innovate, built and share knowledge related to arts, technology, design and gaming. The event counted on the participation of +60 people of different profiles involed in the startup ecosystem of Jalisco. As special guests we received the Secretary of innovation of the state of Jalisco Jaime Reyes and a representative of the Federal Economyc Development Secretary.

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The program.

GSVlab's Pre-acceleration Program is a 12-week program for tech startups to accelerate the creation and operating fundamentals of successful business. With the support of GSVLabs, startups will have access to Silicon Valley mentors, speakers and other network resources. In addition, local Mexican mentors and speakers will participate in the program.