Balero Day 2019

The Mafia Celebrated its first summit.

+100 entrepreneurs and allies of Balero Ventures coomunity, met to celebrate the their existence and strengthen the community called "The Mafia".

The event.

At it´s first edition, Balero Day gathered more than 100 people belonging to the startup ecosystem of Jalisco. Since entrepreneurs, investors, allies and staff of Balero. The event followed different dinamycs and received special guests. For the opening of the activities, Angel Bañuelos (CEO and founder of Balero) welcomed the attendes as soon as the 9am got at the clock.

The first activity had the participation of Cindy Blanco as moderator of the Panel "How to ser to corporatives?", wich counted with the participatión of Pablo Errejón of Tierra y Armonía, Mak Gutierrez of Rampa, Benjamín Huerta of Amdocs and Victor Rodríguez of Next Contract. The second activity brought to stage Jolynn Vallejo to moderate the panel "Latin Startups VS Silicon Valley", it had the participation of Pilar Moguel of GOIN, Rodrigo López of Indacar, Francisco Martínez of Gesto, Rodrigo Padilla of Hapinss and Javier Álvarez of Avena.

Second half of the event held the participacion of Ali Guarneros (NASA Aerospace engineer) with her conference "A mexican at NASA". To end with the journey our special speaker Darlene Bryant, CEO of Global SF came up to the stage with her conference “Connecting the dots, Global opportunities for Mexican Businesses.”, wich shared with entrepreneurs a huge quantity of information related to global comercialization trends.

Got an eye of the event, watch the video!

We apreciate the participation of our sponsors NEXO and EREGEBE.

The startups.

Every startup of The Mafia send some videos answering the questions "Who you are?", "What is your startup?", and "Why Balero?". Discover the final result on the next videos:

Balero startups 1

Balero startups 2

Balero startups 3