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Balero is an investment fund and a business connector between private funds, corporations and startups. Our main objective is to develop investment opportunities in technology-based "Early Stage" Startups.


As part of our work, we provide the important resources and tools necessary to improve startup´s probability of success.

We support early stage technology startups whose focus is solving global issues. We aim to provide support in terms of infrastructure, mentoring, investment and suppliers through a Silicon Valley-based acceleration program.

We provide SMBs (Small & Medium-sized businesses) and large corporations the opportunity to develop an external R&D department through startups. These startups may come from within our own program and network or from spin-offs of corporations and SMBs.

We empower the creation of new venture capital and angel investors from traditional sectors, as well as help other VC funds gain access to new potential deal flow.

Perks Portfolio:



CEO Co-Founder Aballoon

"Balero has been a network and a platform that connected us with the key resources to accelerate to scale globally, a great support without a doubt"

Pili Moguel


"The acceleration we had has helped to understand the road we will walk as a startup and how we have to do it. We were able to understand the importance of building an ecosystem for the development of entrepreneurship in México

Rafa Arizaga

CEO & Co-Founder Yepah!

Having being part of the Acceleration program in Silicon Valley was invaluable, Balero took care of everything so we only had to worry about our things. They have supported us and have been open to search for alternatives to keep moving forward in the ecosystem, they are committed with Mexico and Latin America.

Jorge Suárez

CEO & Founder Spark Plug

Balero is the perfect combination between investor and accelerator, because they help you with real experiences and give you support in the ecosystem where entrepreneurs and culture come together to get your startup to succeed.

Wang-tsu Liu

CEXO & Co-Founder Happinss

Balero has allowed us to have international presence to enter other markets having an active participation in Silicon Valley.

Francisco Andrade

CTO Qapla Gaming

Balero has been a really actived partner and has connected us with the right people who have help us to bring our startup into the global market.

" We believe Latin entrepreneurs have what it takes to change the world, they just need the right partner "

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