Corporate Partner

We collaborate with corporations to encourage, develop and invest in innovation,
lead by startups and spin offs.

How is this a benefit to your company?

Solve internal problems
through technology

Whether it’s an in-house fix or not, we’ll find and implement solutions to your current challenges.

Create new
business units

Whether or not you have your own R&D/Innovation department, we’ll help you create, develop and invest in innovation that will morph into new business opportunities.

Talent retention
and acquisition

Help your employees launch their startups without quitting their jobs and acquihire proven talent to solve internal issues of the company.

How we do it?

Introduction & Mindset

Phase 1
We´ll give your corporation an introduction to the innovation and technology ecosystem that will generate a shift in mentality for everyone from the executives to the operational levels. We can take the innovation to your office or live it in Silicon Valley.

Opportunities identification

Phase 2
We’ll help you identify current challenges, spin-offs, potential intrapreneurs and startups. We will work with you closely to ensure the creation of a successful innovation department.

Corporate venture

Phase 3
Depending on current projects and potential opportunities, we’ll boost the running of pilots, spin-off incubation/acceleration and corporate investment in startups.