Investor day in Silicon Valley 2018

Mexican startups pitch to investors in Silicon Valley.

6 mexican startups of our portfolio raising a pre-seed round pitched to investors from Mexico and Silicon Valley. The event took place at Runway and had the collaboration of LatinSF as co-host.

The event.

Runway hosted startups, investors and special guests to celebrate the 1st Investor Day by Balero Balero Ventures in collaboration with  LatinSF.

As firts activity, every startup had a 5 minutes pitch, then every founder held a 1 on 1 conversation with every investor to go into details about the project. To summarise the day attendees had a working lunch to network with other attendees. Finally, investors had a door closed working session with Balero Ventures staff to stablish investments commitments on the startups that turn out interested for them.


Participant startups were hand-selected out of a portfolio of 25 startups because of their unique characteristics and potential in the areas of growth, team, valuation and traction. All of them mexicans, technology-based and early stage. Startups participating were:

  • Avena
  • Getabed
  • Gesto
  • Pathbooks
  • Qapla
  • Yepah
Startups participating

The tour.

Besides the investor day event, some of the investors had the opportunity to visit NASA and meet Ali Guarneros an aerospace engenieer. Also, the tour included the visit to local Facebook, Google, Wilson and Sonsini (Legal firm), Weber and Company (Accounting firm) and Napa Valley (A premier vineyard).